We flipped the batting cage on its head – Home Run Dugout is a fun, safe and social outing for you and your friends, regardless of skill level!

Perched in center field at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, HRD is your new favorite spot for some swings, bites and brews – we’re open all offseason for bar hours and reservations!



Your neighborhood sports bar all offseason:

Mon-Thu 4pm-11pm

Fri 12pm-midnight


Sun 12pm-11pm

Check the calendar for special events:

Express Gameday Pricing


$45 per person includes:

+ Two hours of unlimited game play

+ Private Batting Bay™ overlooking Dell Diamond

+ Dedicated wait staff & full service bar

+ Free bat rentals + HDTVs and AV equipment

+ $15/person food and beverage credit


We can accommodate groups as large as 250 – make your next event a home run.



HRD is perfect for groups of 6-20. If that’s you, you can reserve your bay online now!



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Home Run Dugout is located in center field at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, TX, at 3400 E Palm Valley Blvd.

Located in right field of Dell Diamond
HRD Batting Bays overlook the Round Rock Express Games


Watch these videos to get a feel for the action!

Batting Cage Fun – Without the Fastball

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy a good batting cage. But most batting cages in Austin and Round Rock are going to put you at the mercy of a 60-70 mph fastball – which might be good practice, but it’s not exactly the best for a social experience with your friends. Home Run Dugout aims to proved a safer, more approachable batting bay experience with our patent-pending soft-toss pitching machines. Instead of coming right at you like in standard baseball practice facility, the ball pops up out of the ground when the pitch timer hits zero, and hangs just for a moment right in the sweet spot of your swing. Then you take your best hack, our precision equipment picks up the launch angle and exit velocity, projecting your hit onto the big screen and into your favorite pro stadium. Based on where the fielders would be positioned, you’ll get a single, double, triple, home run or out. If you really mash it, your distance and exit velocity will rank on our digital leaderboards so you get immediate bragging rights. And don’t worry, we know not everyone’s a natural – Home Run Dugout is great for all skill levels, as you can pull the fences in for lighter hitters, or even enable “Boost” to get a nice wind gust behind you. It’s all about cranking those homers!